Wheat - Patwin 515HP


Patwin-515HP is a Hard White Spring hexaploid wheat variety developed by the University of California wheat breeding program and tested in Regional Yield trials as experimental line UC1743.


Patwin-515HP is a semidwarf variety with an intermediate heading time similar to Patwin and Blanca Grande-515. In the 2016 Regional Trials, Patwin-515HP grain yield was higher than Blanca Grande-515 in the Sacramento Valley (~15%) and similar in the San Joaquin valley (Fig. 1). The average yield of Patwin-515-HP across 15 experiments was slightly higher (126 lbs/ac) than the original Patwin-515 (but not significantly).

Fig 1 yield


Patwin-515HP showed outstanding bread making quality in evaluations performed by the quality Laboratory at the California Wheat Commission in 2013 and 2016 and by the milling industry at the California Wheat Collaborator Program in 2013. Patwin-515HP carries the GPC-B1 gene for high grain protein content. Across 15 experiments, it showed an average grain protein content of 13.8%, which was significantly higher than the original Patwin-515 (12.7%), which does not carry the GPC-B1 high grain protein gene (Fig.2).

Fig 2 quality


Patwin-515HP is resistant to all current races of stripe rust present in California and shows good tolerance for BYDV and septoria tritici blotch. It shows higher resistance to septoria tritici blotch than Blanca Grande-515. Patwin-515HP carries rust resistance genes Yr5, Yr15, and Yr36 that are effective against all current races of stripe rust in California.


Patwin-515HP is very well suited for the Sacramento, San Joaquin and Imperial Valleys where it shows high yield potential under irrigation.  Its primary use is for bread production.


Foundation seed is available from the University of California, Technology Transfer Services, UC Davis Innovation Access:

Denise Mead
Intellectual Property Officer
University of California, Davis
Technology Transfer Center
1850 Research Park Drive, Suite 100
Davis, California 95616
tel. (530) 754-8674

Commercial seed will be available to growers in 2017.