Lima - Mezcla Baby


This variety was developed by bulk-population breeding.


Mezcla has a vine type growth with dark green leaves.  It matures in 120 days.


This variety is best adapted to areas where deep alluvial soils predominate such as the Yolo and Sorrento type soils.  Mezcla has performed well in the baby lima producing area along the west side of the upper San Joaquin Valley.  It is not recommended for the sub-irrigated areas of the Sutter County region but may perform well in sub-irrigated areas with lighter soils.


It is suggested that no maintenance of stock seed be made in the classical sense.  That is, all the present breeders seed should be increased and no “type” class retained.  The agronomic characteristics that now set this variety apart from other varieties of lima beans should be verified at least every four years. The yield of Mezcla in reference to the standard varieties should be checked at least every four years in successive yield trials.  Theory pertaining to bulk breeding states that if any change in gene frequency takes place there should be increased yield advantage as the population grows older.  Therefore, it is not expected that any degeneration in yield will take place and yield checking will definitely confirm this, and general observation by University of California personnel and growers will keep the earliness in the variety.