Cowpea - California Blackeye No. 50


California Blackeye No. 50 was developed by Jeffrey Ehlers and Philip Roberts at the University of California, Riverside.


California Blackeye No. 50 is a fusarium wilt resistant blackeye (Vigna unguiculata) that was developed using a pedigree breeding approach beginning in 1999 with a biparental cross of California Blackeye 46 x UCR breeding line 98-8-622-1. The UCR breeding line included genetic material from California Blackeye No. 3 and California Blackeye No. 5 which have been standard California cultivars.

California Blackeye No. 50 has an erect growth habit and pods are held predominately above the crop canopy. The flowers are white. The seeds are bright white and the black pigmented portion or ‘eye’ does not leak dark pigments during boiling or canning.


California Blackeye No. 50 is recommended for the Central Valley of California, from Bakersfield to Chico.


It is resistant to fusarium wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum race 3 and 4.


Classes of seed are breeder, foundation, and certified. The UC Davis Foundation Seed Program will maintain foundation seed through ‘Foundation to Foundation’ seed increases as appropriate to maintain amounts to meet market demand for Foundation and Certified seed. The University of California, Riverside will maintain Breeder seed in the event it is needed by the UC Davis Foundation Seed Program.