UC Nichols


UC Nichols is a Dark Red Kidney developed by Dr. Steve Temple at University of California, Davis.


UC Nichols is a hybrid selection from the cross of CORK 82, a 1988 public release from UCO, and the CIAT breeding line BAN 29, a buff- colored line brought from CIAT to UCO in 1987 by Dr. Steve Temple. F1 seed from the emasculated cross was obtained in the 1989-1990 greenhouse crossing season, and the F1 was planted in the 1990 UCO field, along with the parents, in order to verify hybridity. The unique color of F2 hybrid seed made it possible to bulk the F2 hybrid seed, and the F2 population was planted in the 1991 UCO nursery. Mass selection within this hybrid for Kidney-like grain, large plant size and strong stems, heavy pod set, and medium maturity was practiced. The F3 was next planted in the 1992 UCD nursery at Chico.

An important feature of UC Nichols is its very concentrated and earlier flush of flowers and pods. For much of the San Joaquin County bean growing area, and for some Sacramento Valley rotations and planting dates, this morphology is highly desirable. Maturity of UC Nichols is 3-5 days later than CDRK, depending upon planting date and growing conditions. The average flower and pod position of UC Nichols is usually higher on the plant than CDRK and UCD 9638, and the plant color is a slightly lighter shade of green than UCD 9638 and CDRK. At flowering, the canopy height of UC Nichols is also usually more uniform than that of UCD 9638. Foliar wrinkling, while present, is very modest for a kidney leaf type, and while the leaflet shape would seem best described as "ovate", the leaflets are often broad at the base and hence come close to the "cordate" classification. The leaflet tapers quickly at the apex, but also-has a prominent point at the tip. Finally, many leaflets on a given plant have a slight indentation along the margin at the base of the leaflet. The breeder seed increase showed a flower color ratio of 69% white: 31% soft lavender color.

Seed of UC Nichols is flattened (somewhat like Montcalm) and relatively thin, compared to the more elliptical or cuboidal shape of CDRK and CDRK '82. Upon canning, the seeds swell to a very plump and attractive product.


UC Nichols is resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV).


Classes of seed will be Breeder, Foundation, Registered and Certified. Breeder seed is to be maintained by the appropriate breeding program in the UCD Department of Plant Sciences. Foundation seed will be maintained and distributed by the UCD Foundation Program. Certification will be available under the supervision of the California Crop Improvement Association.