California Early Light Red Kidney (CELRK)


The purpose of the breeding and selection that has led to the development of California Early Light Red Kidney (CELRK) was to obtain a public variety similar to Sacramento in earliness and canning quality but with superior yield potential and resistance to bean common mosaic virus. The early selection was at Davis where single plant selection was carried out and from where seed was initially raised for canning tests.


California Early Light Red Kidney (line 433) is a bulked F5 family originating from a cross of Sacramento x 2602. The variety Sacramento is from a single plant selection from the landrace Red Kidney. Line 2602 is an F4 bulked family from the cross Red Kidney x Redkate. The variety Sacramento is a proprietary LRK variety of early duration (80 days) and high canning quality but is of small plant type, of only moderate yields, and it is susceptible to bean common mosaic virus.

CELRK has a determinant upright large plant type, typical of many kidneys. It matures in approximately 80 days near Chico and Linden, the two major kidney growing areas in California. Seeds are similar to those of Sacramento in size and color. Flowers are light lavender in color.


CELRK was developed to provide growers with a public variety of light red kidney that is early, is resistant to BCMV, is a very good canner, and has a good yield potential. Performs well in the two major California kidney growing areas near Chico and Linden.


CELRK is resistant to Bean Common Mosaic Virus (BCMV).


Classes of seed will be Breeder, Foundation, Registered and Certified. Breeder seed is to be maintained by the appropriate breeding program in the UCD Department of Plant Sciences. Foundation seed will be maintained and distributed by the UCD Foundation Program. Certification will be available under the supervision of the California Crop Improvement Association.