Bean - Black Turtle Soup T-39

Black turtle soupDEVELOPMENT

Black Turtle Soup T-39 tested as selection T-39 is a single plant selection from a field of Black Turtle Soup beans made by F. L. Smith and grown at Linden, California, in 1965. It was tested in New York at Cornell University by Dr. Don Wallace. It was released by the University of California, Davis.


The plant is of intermediate height, full and upright until pod fill. The stem is green except for a slight purple color on the hypocotyl. Leaf veins are purple, especially on the lower surface. Pods are green when immature, drying to a straw or purple color at harvest. Flowers are purple.

Black Turtle Soup T-39 matures in approximately 100 days. The mature seed is shiny black, slightly indented at the hilum and angular at the ends from the close arrangement of seeds in the pod. Seeds are approximately 9.0, 6.5, and 5.0 mm in length, width, and thickness, respectively. Seed weight is approximately 16 grams per 100 seeds (2,750 seeds per pound).


It is susceptible to common blight, Alpha, Beta and Delta Anthracnose, and white mold. T-39 is resistant to CMB viruses and rust.